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Jan 05 2013

Quilling Jewelry

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I love quilled jewelry.  It is very popular right now, and rightly so – the look is just lovely.  I wanted to try my hand at making some, but was hesitant due to the fragile nature of paper.

quilled jewelry in resin

I am notoriously hard on my jewelry and all the spray sealer in the world (which makes paper water resistant, not waterproof) can’t keep a toddler from grabbing hold of the quilling and crushing it.


To solve this problem, I am experimenting with embedding paper quilling inside resin.  This preserves the delicate look of the quilling, but makes it pretty much indestructible.  I am very excited about the many commercial jewelry bezels available and look forward to making my own.


I would like to wish all of my quilling friends a very happy, healthy, and creative new year!


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Mar 18 2011

Paper Quilling Inside a Locket

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hummingbird-comparisonOne of the things that I love most about writing this blog is meeting all of the wonderful quillers out there. Over the years, the popularity of this art may ebb and flow, but I have no fear of quilling ever becoming a lost art. There are just too many of us … and we enjoy sharing our art with each other and the next generation. Woo-hoo!


hummingbird-locketSpeaking of sharing, I recently heard from a very clever quiller named Gina who created two very unique lockets. They are just awesome and I am so pleased to be able to share her art with you. Gina does what so many of you do – she takes designs and techniques of others and then changes them up to make them truly her own. But I’ll let her tell you …


“For example, the hummingbird pattern in the ‘Combing Quilling Kit’ [from Quilled Creations] was one of the first ones I tried. It was done in a lavender, which isn’t a hummingbird color, so I re-did it to look like a ruby-throated hummingbird. I added a tail and trimmed the beak to a point, which gave it a bit more realism. I got to looking at it and wanted to make one even smaller. Finding a comb smaller was a challenge, but I eventually got a tiny comb from the WalMart pet dept. that was for combing out fleas. It worked great! The bird came out 1/2 the size. I found a locket with flowers in relief on the front and an indent inside the size of a quarter. The tiny bird fit in there perfectly, with a circle of blue in the background to make it stand out more. I gave this to a friend as a gift and she couldn’t believe I’d made something so tiny.”


baby-locketGina also made a locket for a friend of hers who was expecting a little girl. She made a tiny baby foot in pink for one side of the locket and left the other side empty for a photo of the new baby. Is it any wonder that her friend just loved the unique gift?


Of course, I had to ask her where she purchased the lockets and she told me that they came from the online store, ornamentea, http://www.ornamentea.com/Lockets.htm. Gina used the Florentine Perfume Locket which has a round depression inside, perfect for the quilling. Ornamentea has several types of perfume lockets listed on their website, but unfortunately, by the time I got there, they were sold out of all of them. They might get some more in stock at a later date, or you might be able to use this information to find the lockets elsewhere. If you do, please be sure to let me know. I would very much like to try my hand at making one of these special lockets of my own.


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