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Mar 03 2012

Tea Time Quilling Card

tea time quilling cardA cup of tea is an invitation to put your feet up and relax for a moment, or catch up with the latest news as you chat with a friend. Is it any wonder that teacups are such a popular motif in stamping and paper crafting?


When I first started thinking about this project, I envisioned my card having a decidedly Victorian feel. I had some nice off-white lace that I wanted to use and started looking through my papers to see what I might have to go with it. I was quite surprised to find that while I seem to be drawn to that style, it wasn’t reflected in my current paper stash and I didn’t have anything that would work.


tea time quilling card insideThat actually turned out to be a good thing. I am still in a “use what I already have” mood, which made me look at my current papers in a new way. I found a large scrap of striped print paper that reminded me of mid-century modern wallpaper and the look of my card quickly jumped a century from 1850 to 1950 and provided an opportunity to try some new quilling techniques.


I want to give Melisa Waldorf of Paperlicious Designs credit for the teacup template I used as the pattern to cut out my own blue teacup. I resized it a bit since I needed it smaller, but kept the rim wide enough to cover the packaged tea bag.  I cut a slit through the front of the card and slipped in the teabag.  It is held in place with a glue dot.


Most of the quilling designs are made from “solid rings” (the official North American Quilling Guild name for the ring coils) created by wrapping the quilling paper around a bamboo skewer, dowel, or tool handle.


behive quilling flowerI also used these rings to make the outline of the flower petals which I filled in using the Beehive technique Susan of Susan Quilling Cards introduced us to last December.  Pritesh of Quilling Me Softly was kind enough to make a video of this technique.


I enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, especially on a cold evening, and this card with the enclosed teabag will let me share that enjoyment with a friend.


Quilling Tip

If tea isn’t your “bag” (I know, that was bad … LOL!), this card idea can be easily adapted to hold a packet of instant coffee or cocoa.  Or try changing the tea cup to a soup bowl and add a packet of instant chicken soup for a thoughtful Get Well card for a sick friend.


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Apr 23 2010


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quilled-stencil-sailboat-atcThe 2010 North American Quilling Guild convention is one week away.  I was so honored to be asked to teach a class and have been busy pulling my project kits together.  We will be quilling an ATC (Artist Trading Card) using the stencil quilling technique where the quilling is glued underneath a cut out stencil instead of on top of a background.  Check out this previous post for more information on this technique. 
While the convention is for guild members only, the public is invited to come and see all of the wonderful quilling on display.
Date:  Saturday, May 1st
Time:  1:00pm-4:00pm
Place:  Holiday Inn Ronkonkoma on Long Island, New York (near McArthur Airport)
If you are anywhere in the area, do try and stop by.  I guarantee you will be amazed and delighted. 

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Jul 06 2009

Join the North American Quilling Guild

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naqglogoblockWhen I first started quilling years ago there were no classes and I didn’t know anyone else who practiced the art of paper filigree.  It would have been so nice to have known an experienced quiller to learn from.  When I discovered the North American Quilling Guild a few years ago I was thrilled.  I joined NAQG that very day and discovered a wonderful group of amazingly talented quillers who are eager to share their quilling knowledge to all who ask.  Which isn’t surprising since the Guild’s mission is to “promote the lovely art of quilling and ensure that it is passed on to future generations.” 
Even though the organization’s name is the North American Quilling Guild, all may join and we have many active members from all over the world.
Donna Del Giudice, NAQG Archivist, recently listed the benefits of becoming a NAQG member and graciously gave her permission for me to share this list with you.
4 newsletters per year (English Guild only sends 3)
Access to Member’s Only corner of the website, this includes:
1. Access to all historical newsletters for reference at any time
2. Full color versions of the newsletter
3. Special patterns and pictures from other members – not accessible by the general public
4. There are over 40 new patterns posted each year
5. New patterns posted every month
6. History of the NAQG and past NAQGCON / AGMs
7. NAQG pays costs for the website and hosting
Access to NAQGMembers Yahoo Group, this includes:
1. Quilling SWAPS with talented quillers across the world
2. Quillers who can answer your quilling questions
NAQGCON (annual convention)
Discounted Registration to the NAQGCON, this includes:
1. Quilling Classes
2. Some Meals
3. Quilling Break-Out Sessions
Teachers volunteer their time, knowledge, and materials during the conference
Quilling Classes are FREE!!! (many other organizations charge a separate fee to attend classes)
Special gifts to all NAQGCON attendees
New Membership package (Membership Letter w/card; bylaws, quilling bibliography, membership booklet or Renewal package (Membership Letter w/card)
Invitations to local mini meets
Discounts through various quilling suppliers
Access to quillers across the globe
Regional Reps and Board Members, this includes:
1. Regional Reps to assist with any questions
2. Promote quilling in their communities and around the globe (includes)
a. Distribute brochures
b. Contact museum curators/gallery owners
c. Contact news media
Accreditation program
Special quilling exhibits
I encourage you to visit the North American Quilling Guild website to learn more about this great organization.  Let’s join together to keep the ART OF QUILLING alive!

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May 05 2009

NAQGCON 2009 — A Big Success

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4square22On Thursday evening, I checked in at the welcome table set up by this year’s conference hostess, Lois Bandt-Weber and was given a name tag decorated with the cutest quilled palm tree and sunglasses.  I was then handed a tote bag full of quilling goodies generously donated by the NAQG (North American Quilling Guild) and several quilling vendors (a big thank you to Whimsiquills, Lake City Crafts, and Quilled Creations).  It was at that moment I knew — this was going to be good!
     Friday morning found me sitting in a room with 20 other eager quillers ready to learn how to make treasure boxes.  These are adorable 3D boxes made from large tight coils that are shaped to look like a terra cotta pot with a lid.  We decorated ours with spiral roses.  Our teacher was none other than the designer herself, Alli Bartkowski.  My next class was on husking.  This technique involves wrapping the quilling paper around pins in a set pattern to form flower petals, leaves, butterfly wings, etc.  It is a more structured process, but actually creates a very lacy design.  Coils can be inserted inside the paper loops for even more color and variation. 
     Other classes taught that morning were on Swedish stars, spider mums, iris folding, and basic greeting cards.  I saw samples of the students’ work and I know they had an equally good time learning new quilling techniques and skills.
     We continued on after lunch and made some cute bookmarks.  I purchased a paper crimper that I had been wanting for my collection of tools and had a ball playing with it and sharing it with my table mates.
     Saturday was the big day for seeing everyone else’s quillwork.  Competition entries were examined and voted on in the morning and those who brought finished quilling pieces to share set them out for all to see in the afternoon.  At 3:00 the winners were announced and I am so pleased to report that my 4-Square framed wall art piece won second place!  It was so wonderful seeing the many beautiful designs created by these talented artists.  Up until this point, pretty much the only quilling I had seen “up close and personal” had been my own.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  And not only did I get to see it, but I got to talk with the actual artist.  And these artists came from all over the world.  We had several from Japan, and one each from Spain, England, and Puerto Rico.  What a treat!
     All during the conference, a hospitality suite was open from 7:00am until 11:00pm.  It contained three large tables and a pile of paper strips.  At any given time, from one to 30 women could be found happily quilling, sharing techniques and ideas.  It was a great weekend of fellowship and creativity.  I can’t wait until the next one!
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