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Nov 21 2012

Quilled Chalkboard Ornament for Teacher

I was looking around the craft store yesterday and came across some small chalkboard ornaments in the unfinished wood section (Craftwood brand made by Darice).

chalkboard ornament with quilling embellishments

At 2-in x 3-in, these little chalkboards are the perfect size for a gift tag ornament and come complete with a hang cord attached.  They are so inexpensive that you could make one for the teacher, room mother, and even the principal, without breaking the bank.


The chalkboard is recessed exactly 1/8-in so the quilling embellishments fit right in.  I added an apple and pencil to mine, but there are many cute school embellishments you could add like a school bus, school bell, or old fashioned school house.


I was afraid that actual chalk would wipe off, so I used a white paint pen (Painters paint marker by Elmers) to paint on the numbers and letters. 

chalkboard ornament supplies
The back of the chalkboard is nice and smooth making it easy to write the “to” and “from” information — and don’t forget to add the date.


Wouldn’t this be a great craft project to make with the kids?



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Nov 27 2011

Packaging Quilling Ornaments for Sale or Gifts

I have participated in many craft shows over the years and have found one that I really like sponsored by the South Cobb Arts Alliance.  Unlike traditional 1-2 day shows where you set up your booth and then personally sell your merchandise each day, this 11-day show is set up like a Christmas house.  You bring your items for the initial set up, work two 3-hour shifts, pick up your unsold items, and they mail you a check for the items that you did sell.  It is wonderful!


The only down side is that you are not there to watch over your items.  That is where creative packaging can be a big help.  Along with my “captured ornament” series, this year I am offering three different quilled ornaments for sale.  And while I know that paper ornaments are quite sturdy, I really didn’t want to put them out without some type of protection.  I would hope that adults would treat them with proper care, but the tables are low enough that little ones might be tempted to reach for them.


To solve this problem, I created a simple gift box for each ornament and then placed it inside a plastic sleeve (like those used for cards).  Packaged with the box open, potential buyers can see exactly what the ornament looks like.   


I make the gift boxes from heavy scrapbook paper or card stock.  I like using a nice printed paper for the top and a solid color for the bottom.  I purchase the paper during the year when I find it on sale, that way the boxes cost next to nothing.  My boxes are roughly 3-in x 3-in square, but you will want to make yours sized to fit your ornaments.  Just be sure to make the lid a little bit larger so it will fit over the bottom (trust me — I speak from frustrated experience).  I also make the lid height a little bit shorter than the bottom height so that the box is easier for the recipient to open.  There are several good scoring tools on the market (I use the Martha Stewart one, but Score-Pal is very popular, too) that make creating these boxes a snap.  For those who would like detailed instructions for making these boxes, I have posted a step-by-step tutorial.


For an added touch, I cut a piece of white quilt batting to fit inside the box.  I purchased an inexpensive roll of batting at my local JoAnn store (using a coupon, of course!).  I’ve probably made five dozen boxes and still have plenty of batting left for next year.  This gives the gift box the feel of an expensive jewelry gift box.  I did find, however, that my white snowflake did not show up well on the white batting, so I cut a piece of pale silver tissue to sit on top of the batting underneath the snowflake. 


Since my ornaments are for sale, I include my custom hang tag which contains basic quilling information.  This tucks away neatly underneath the batting.


Even if you don’t participate in craft shows, you might want to give this idea a try.  Think of how delighted your friends and family will be to receive your quilled ornaments inside their own little gift box.


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Nov 06 2011

Add Quilling to Your Stamped Christmas Cards

When making cards, I think it is fun to replace letters with bits of quilling.  It adds such a touch of whimsy.  When I ran across the “Big On Christmas” stamps from Stampin’ Up! I knew they would be perfect for my 2011 Christmas cards.  As you can see, they had the same idea.  Of course, I didn’t want to stamp the tree, ornament, or snowman (which I replaced with a snowflake).  I wanted to quill those instead.


Unfortunately, having this idea and implementing it proved to be two very different things.  You see, I am not a talented stamper and I was having a hard time stamping just the letter part of these holiday stamps.  I tried adding ink to just the letters using a marking pen, but my hand would slip and I would invariably get ink on the picture portion of the stamp.  Next, I tried covering the picture parts with tape, but that didn’t work for me either.


Finally, I decided to cut out the part of the stamps I didn’t want printed.  It was a hard decision to make since there was a very good chance I could ruin the stamps, but I took my craft knife, held my breath, and carefully cut around the picture section of each stamp and peeled off the cut portions.  Since the stamps were mounted on wooden blocks, the spacing and alignment of the rest of the stamp sections was not disturbed.


I then inked them up (I like using StazOn solvent ink since it dries quickly and doesn’t smear) and stamped away.  As an added bonus, I was delighted to find that I hadn’t ruined my stamps at all.  The cut out portions fit right back into their original places so the stamps can still be used as they were originally intended.

I am sure that if you look around you’ll find many other stamps out there that would lend themselves to this creative “altered art” technique.

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Aug 30 2011

Quilled Captured Wreath Ornament

quilled wreath ornamentIn response to the many requests I’ve received for more “captured” ornaments, I am so very pleased to announce the newest addition to the collection:  a quilled wreath!


Just like the snowflake, this quilled wreath is assembled inside a glass ornament, safely preserved for years to come.  The wreath’s shape fills the ornament nicely and the red gems added to the tops of the berries add a nice touch of holiday sparkle as they catch the light.  Since the glass ornament is clear, the wreath is designed to be two-sided so it can be enjoyed from all angles.


For those of you who would like to create your own, I have written a full color digital pattern complete with photos to guide you every step of the way.  You’ll find this pattern, along with the Quilled Captured Snowflake, in my new Quilling Pattern Store.


The holidays will be here before you know it.  It’s never too early to create one of these stunning ornaments for your family and treasured friends.

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Jan 19 2011

Quilled Captured Snowflake Pattern

quilledcapturedsnowflakeI am so excited to share the news!  As promised in my last post, the first pattern I’ve completed for 2011 is for the Quilled Captured Snowflake — a beautiful paper snowflake captured for all time inside a glass ornament — just like a ship in a bottle.

     When I created my Captured Snowflake ornament I knew it was special, but the response I have received has been truly amazing!  It seemed like everyone who saw this snowflake ornament either bought one or asked me how to make it.

     I was going to keep the secret all to myself, but you know me … I just love to share.  So, I sat down and created this pattern so that you, too, can quill your own Captured Snowflake ornament and WOW your family and friends.

     This downloadable PDF ePattern contains complete easy-to-follow instructions, lots of step-by-step full color photos, a sprinkle of hints and tips to keep you on track, and all pattern templates to ensure your success.

     The pattern is available for purchase in the Quilling Pattern Store section of the blog.  Enjoy!

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Nov 27 2010

2010 Christmas Craft Show Schedule

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quilledpoinsettiaeggornamenThe Thanksgiving leftovers may still be in the refrigerator, but I am going into crafting overdrive to finish up as many quilling pieces as I can.  I have been lucky enough to have been accepted into two juried Christmas houses this year. 

The Christmas House Arts & Crafts Show, hosted by the Mable House and the South Cobb Arts Alliance

Dates:  December 3rd – 12th, 2010
Times: Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm; Sunday 2pm to 6pm
Place: Mable House Arts Center, 5239 Floyd Road, Mableton, Georgia 30126
Phone:  770-819-3285

The Christmas House Arts & Crafts Show is right around the corner, so mark your calendars and come see some of the the finest art and fine craft in the area.  My good friend, Sharon, will have her beautiful bead and wire flowers there, too.  Here is a fun little “save the date” video the SCAA has provided.  They were kind enough to feature one of my quilled Christmas egg ornaments. 


The Gift Box, hosted by The Art Station – Big Shanty and the North Cobb Arts League

Dates:  December 2nd – 17th, 2010
Times: Tuesdays – Fridays, 10am-5pm
Place:  Art Station-Big Shanty, 2050 Kennesaw Due West Road, Kennesaw, GA  30152
Phone:  770-514-5930
For those of you who may have a difficult time stopping by during the day, there will be a Shop & Share Party on Tuesday, December 7th, from 6pm-8pm.
If you live anywhere in the area, I do hope you are able to come.  Perhaps you’ll find that perfect gift you have been searching for.

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Nov 15 2010

Quilled Poinsettia Pattern and Folded Fan Ornament Tutorial

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poinsettiafanornamentSeveral weeks ago I was approached by Laura Boetto of Papers and Pixels,  a new On-Line Crafting Magazine.  She had downloaded my free eBook, Quilling with Confidence, and was having a grand time learning how to quill.  Laura was writing an introduction to quilling and asked if I would contribute a free quilling pattern for the November issue.  How could I refuse?
I just received the November issue and am so impressed with the quality of the projects, a mixture of more traditional paper crafts and digital crafting/scrapping.  Not only does it contain the quilling from Laura and yours truly, there are great ideas for Christmas cards and ornaments, and very informative tutorials on basic photo restoration — just in time for those needing a little help retouching scanned copies of precious family photos now faded with time. 
But wait …. there’s more! 
This magazine is totally free.  Just pop over and download it.  Such a deal.
Do come back and leave me a comment if you like my poinsettia and folded fan ornament.  I’d love to hear from you!

To get your own copy of Quilling with Confidence, fill in your name and email address in the form found under the “Free Quilling eBook” section located at the top of the right-hand column of this blog. 

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Nov 07 2010

Quilling Class was a Blast

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We had “snow” much fun quilling this past Saturday at the Christmas Quilling Workshop.  I just had to take a moment and show off the wonderful projects the students made.   They did such a great job!


Our next class will be Janaury 22 when we’ll learn more quilling techniques (like pom-poms and fringed flowers) to make Valentines.
Hope you can join us!

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Nov 03 2010

Quick Quilled Christmas Tag

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candycanetagI don’t own all the paper crafting tools and gadgets I would like.  For the type of crafting I do, I find I need variety more than quantity and it is hard for me to justify spending the money on a new punch, die cut, etc., when I only want a few pieces.  That’s why I keep my eyes open for ready-made items I can embellish with quilling.
I spotted several packages of Martha Stewart’s tags last year in my local Scrapbook outlet store.  (Alas, I discovered a few days ago it had closed — sigh!).  There are 8 tags in each package and since they were on sale, each package cost less than a dollar.  What a bargain.  The tags even have the “To” and “From” printed on the back.
I added my own ribbon (also from various bargain bins), a square of scrap card stock, a quilled candy cane, and … Voila!  I now have a custom gift tag worthy of any present.
candycanetagblankIf you keep your eyes open, you can find lots of ready-made packaging just waiting for a touch of quilling to turn it from ho-hum to Ho-Ho-Ho!  (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist).

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Oct 02 2010

Quilling Inside a Glass Ornament

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quilledsnowflakeinglassornaI belong to several Yahoo quilling groups.  If you want a constant flow of creative ideas and great quilling, I urge you to join.
The other day a very talented quiller, Lucia, posted some photos of some ornaments she had finished.  They were glass balls with quilled Christmas designs inside.  Obviously, they caught everyone’s eye and very quickly a discussion popped up as to how they are made.  It turns out that they were constructed inside the ornament, much like a ship in a bottle, using tweezers.
I just had to give it a try with one of my snowflakes, although many quilling patterns would work.  I have to admit that it was tricky, but I am so pleased with the results.  I added some fake snow to give the ornament a bit more visual dimension and sparkle since it is clear glass.
I am definitely making more of these for the Christmas season.
Are you working on your holiday projects yet?
***Blog Post Update:  I was going to keep the secret to making this amazing ornament all to myself, but you know me… I just love to share. You’ll find the downloadable pattern, priced at only $5.95, in the Quilling Pattern Store section of my blog.   
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