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Feb 01 2012

Quilled Mini Valentine’s Day Cards

Feeling sweet, sexy, or playfully punny?  Then one of these quilled Valentine’s Day cards is right for you.

3 quilled Valentine cards

Archiver’s has been advertising a card workshop making Itty Bitty Valentines that are 3-in x 3-in.  They looked so cute I decided to challenge myself to design three Itty Bitty Valentines of my own.  I only had two rules:  (1) my cards needed to be the same 3-in x 3-in size and (2) I couldn’t purchase any new supplies – I had to use what was already in my stash.  


Pretty in Pink

quilled Valentine card with roseWho says a Valentine has to be red?  For this sweet card I layered three strips of pink card stock (alternating light and dark) on the bottom and rounded the corners with a decorative punch.  I added a quilled long-stem pink rose with moss green leaves.  For the sentiment, I stamped “My heart is yours” in black ink and added a little pink bow.  The rose is a rolled spiral made from a circle punched from card stock.  To finish the card I edged it with pink chalk.


A Berry Delightful Valentine

quilled Valentine berryThis card was inspired by the red and tan checked paper which has been in my stash bin for quite some time.  It is from a sack I saved from a purchase made in Savannah.  It reminded me of a country picnic which lead me to the “I love you BERRY much!” theme.  I used my computer to print the sentiment onto the tan cardstock, trimmed it to 2.75-in square and attached it to the front of my red card.  I cut a piece of the sack with pinking shears and glued it near the top-left of the card.  I punched two small holes and added little red heart brads (bought awhile ago with no particular project in mind, but they were cute and on sale – lol!).  Next, I glued on a red heart-shaped strawberry and white strawberry blossom.  I tied a little piece of jute cord around the top of the card to finish it off.


Hot Lips

quilled Valentine kissThis card is my favorite.  I had the thought of quilling a pair of lips and as I pondered how I would use that embellishment on a card, I remembered the famous Bogie & Bacall movie quote, “You know how to whistle, don’t you?”  A quick internet search turned up the entire quote and I knew that this would be the card I would give to my husband — Steve.


I used my computer to print the text and a Spellbinder’s die set to cut out the layers for both the front and inside of the card.  I glued two little flat pearls to the front and added the lips.  He’s going to love it.


There’s only one downside to taking on a challenge like this — what do I do with all of the ideas still floating around in my head that I didn’t create?

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Jan 09 2012

Quilled All Occasion Card with Matching Gift Card Holder

I’m not much of a winter person, so by January my thoughts are turning to spring.  When I happened upon some pretty floral scrapbook paper, I used it to create this decidedly feminine card and gift card holder perfect for any occasion.

floral quilling cards

Michaels had their scrapbook paper on sale a few weeks ago and since I was already there, I just had to take a look.  I was happy to find a floral with a small pattern that I thought would work well with quilling.  My idea was to make a card using the paper and decorate it with a quilled version of the floral pattern. 


At least that was the plan, but after a few false starts I was beginning to wonder if this project would ever come together.  Then, I had one of those sleepless nights and tried again at 4:00am.  This time everything just came together. 


close up of quilling flowerThe flowers on the paper are simple 5-petal posies.  I wanted to maintain the look and feel of this style, but couldn’t resist jazzing the petals up a bit.  Instead of keeping the flower petals flat, I gave them dimension by rolling them as tight coils and then letting them uncoil just a little instead of all the way before gluing down the end and pinching them into teardrops.  This allowed me to take the end of my quilling tool and gently push out the center.  I then smeared glue on the back of the petals so that when dried, they would keep their new shape.  For even more dimension, I angled the petals a bit when gluing them together to form the completed flower.

quilled petals

Since the card would be handled, I glued two strips of quilling paper together for the vine so that it would be a little sturdier.


With the card done, I turned my attention to the gift card holder.  It is made using an empty toilet tissue roll!  I have no idea how I missed this recycling trend, but it was new to me.  I first saw it used in a project created by the very talented quiller, Sue Custer (Hi, Sue!).  She is on the Custom Quilling design team and used a toilet tissue roll to create a gift card pocket holder tag (you can see it here).  When I asked Sue about it, she directed me to an earlier project where she used the toilet rolls to make a cute mini album (you’ll find it here along with some directions). 


I had a hard time keeping the roll flat so I cut the tube and made mine into a fold-out card holder.  I decorated the tube inside and out with the same paper as the card then cut a strip the width of the holder and glued down just the ends to form a pocket for the gift card.  It is still curved, but I know that the gift card is secure and won’t fall out.

gift card with quilling tag

I closed the gift card holder by wrapping it with a piece of the same ribbon I used on the card and tied a matching bow.  The ribbon just slips off to open the card holder and both can be used again and again.  How’s that for recycling? 


To finish off the gift, I created a matching gift tag using a left over pricing tag as the base.  I covered one side with the floral paper and the other with the dotted paper.  I quilled one more flower using the cupped petals and added a quilled leaf.  I stamped a sweet sentiment on the dotted paper side and tied the tag onto the bow. 

quilled gift card tag

Whew!  That was a long post, but I hope I have inspired you to make your own matching card and gift card holder set. 


For those of you interested, the floral paper is called “Itsy Bitsy Ditsy” from Recollections (which I think is Michaels’ store brand) and the color is called Pistachio.  The pink polka dot paper is called “Pink with Rose Trim” and is also by Recollections.  It has a green and white stripe of roses down one side of the paper.  I was tickled to find that Quilled Creation’s moss green and pale pink papers were an almost identical color match.

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Nov 06 2011

Add Quilling to Your Stamped Christmas Cards

When making cards, I think it is fun to replace letters with bits of quilling.  It adds such a touch of whimsy.  When I ran across the “Big On Christmas” stamps from Stampin’ Up! I knew they would be perfect for my 2011 Christmas cards.  As you can see, they had the same idea.  Of course, I didn’t want to stamp the tree, ornament, or snowman (which I replaced with a snowflake).  I wanted to quill those instead.


Unfortunately, having this idea and implementing it proved to be two very different things.  You see, I am not a talented stamper and I was having a hard time stamping just the letter part of these holiday stamps.  I tried adding ink to just the letters using a marking pen, but my hand would slip and I would invariably get ink on the picture portion of the stamp.  Next, I tried covering the picture parts with tape, but that didn’t work for me either.


Finally, I decided to cut out the part of the stamps I didn’t want printed.  It was a hard decision to make since there was a very good chance I could ruin the stamps, but I took my craft knife, held my breath, and carefully cut around the picture section of each stamp and peeled off the cut portions.  Since the stamps were mounted on wooden blocks, the spacing and alignment of the rest of the stamp sections was not disturbed.


I then inked them up (I like using StazOn solvent ink since it dries quickly and doesn’t smear) and stamped away.  As an added bonus, I was delighted to find that I hadn’t ruined my stamps at all.  The cut out portions fit right back into their original places so the stamps can still be used as they were originally intended.

I am sure that if you look around you’ll find many other stamps out there that would lend themselves to this creative “altered art” technique.

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Oct 10 2011

Quilled Black Cat Halloween Card

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Folded paper rosettes are very popular right now.  They are available for purchase in most craft stores, or you can make your own using the many tutorials available on the web.  They are often embellished with some sort of button or charm in the center, but I thought it would be fun to add quilling instead.



My good friend Sharon has many of the paper crafting tools now available.  The other day I dropped by and she used a Tim Holz die to cut some rosette strips for me.  The die perforates the fold lines making it super easy to get perfect accordion folds.


I quilled a black cat, added green crystal eyes, and glued it to the center of my rosette.  I used it as the focal point of a Halloween card made from more decorative paper included in the Midnight Spell matstack I purchased last year.


These paper rosettes are a great way to add a touch of quilling to any paper project.

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Sep 08 2011

Cute as a Button Quilling Card

We were blessed with our fourth grandchild, Daniel John Morgan, on July 21st, so to say that I have babies on the brain is an understatement.  When I ran across a free “cute as a button” graphic on the Papercraft Inspirations website, I was inspired to make a card featuring quilled buttons — for a baby boy of course!

Cute as a Button Quilling Card

If you haven’t visited the Papercraft Inspirations site, you are in for a real treat.  This is the online site for the printed magazine.  Besides all of the ideas provided by a team of extremely creative designers, you’ll find free templates, downloads, and papers you can print off to use with your own creations.


If you would like to make your own “Cute as a Button” card, you’ll find the free button card back graphic (designed by Jo Kill) in the free download section.

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Jul 01 2011

Recycled Ribbon Spool Quilling Card

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quilledribbonspoolcardHere is a delightful card that uses an empty ribbon spool as the card base.  A message strip is attached to the core, wound around the spool, and secured with a piece of ribbon tied into a bow.  The lucky recipient then unties the bow to unroll the greetings.  I guarantee that this card will be a keeper!  Since I wanted larger flowers, I used strips of scrapbook paper cut to various widths and hand fringed them.



Since I firmly believe in giving credit where it is due, I must mention that I ran across this clever idea by Alison Eads in the paper crafting book, Retro Mania, published by North Light Books.  The quilling design that decorates this card, however, is all mine.

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Apr 13 2011

Use Quilling to Spruce up Ready Made Cards

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I enjoy making and giving quilled cards to friends and family, but sometimes I simply run out of time to make a card from scratch.  I end up giving a store-bought card, but feel a twinge of guilt because it seems so impersonal.  Sound familiar?


To help with this problem, I have begun looking at commercial cards in a different way.  I have found that by adding a little quilling, I can change a commercial card from ordinary to extraordinary.  And best of all, it only takes minutes to do.


For example, I found this colorful birthday card with candles printed across the bottom.  By adding quilled candles right over top of some of the printed ones, I added a layer of dimension and the crystals glued to the flames makes it pop even more.


The second card shows a cute little bear holding a bunch of balloons.  I glued some quilled balloons (tied with a black string, of course) over the existing ones.  It was so easy.


For those on a budget, this is a great way to dress up inexpensive boxed cards or thrift store finds.  And it’s a great way to use up bits and pieces of quilling paper left over from other projects.  Give it a try.  It just a few minutes, you can create a special card any recipient will love.

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Jan 23 2011

Valentine Quilling for the Man in Your Life

I love shopping the clearance section of craft stores.  You never know what goodies you might find.  This was the case with a pack of unfinished wooden hearts.  I had no particular project in mind, but purchased them anyway — they were on sale!  As with all of my treasures, they went into my inspiration bin.


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon,  I starting going through my bin and rediscovered the wooden hearts.  The ideas started bouncing around in my head.  I could paint the heart red … decoupage a sentiment across it … add a quilled lace border …  
The result is this handsome Valentine’s Day card perfect for the man in your life.  The tailored color blocked squares of red and black contrast nicely with the lacy quilled border around the heart making this card flirty and fun.  
quilled-heart-border-closeupI enjoy mixing various elements together with my quilling and this heart’s 1/8-inch depth makes it a great companion element for the standard 1/8-inch width quilling paper.  The next time unfinished wooden items go on sale, I’m going to take a closer look at the other shapes available.

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Nov 07 2010

Quilling Class was a Blast

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We had “snow” much fun quilling this past Saturday at the Christmas Quilling Workshop.  I just had to take a moment and show off the wonderful projects the students made.   They did such a great job!


Our next class will be Janaury 22 when we’ll learn more quilling techniques (like pom-poms and fringed flowers) to make Valentines.
Hope you can join us!

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Oct 18 2010

Quilling a Happy Halloween Card

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I was wandering around my local Jo-Ann recently, and I do mean wandering — they have totally changed the layout of the store, moving the merchandise and shelving.  The entire store is now different. 
dcwv_midnight_spell_matstacI managed to find the scrapbook department and discovered a wonderful 4.5″ x 6.5″ bound stack of Halloween papers by DCWV, Inc., called The Midnight Spell matstack®.  It contains 72 heavy card stock sheets with wonderful Halloween prints (half of them have foil or glitter) that are just the right size for card making.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but just had to have it.  I had a coupon, but when I went to pay, it was on sale, so it only cost me around $5.00.  What a deal!
Some of the papers have all over patterns and some have wonderful scenes on them.  As I thumbed through the stack I discovered this delightful haunted house and knew it would make a great card with quilled ghosts flying out of the windows.
To assemble the card, I layered the printed card stock onto black and then attached it to a purchased blank ivory card.  The scene needed a big orange moon, so I punched one out and stamped it with happy halloween.  Then I glued it to some scrap black card stock and cut around the circle with my pinking sheers.  I then glued the moon in place.
You won’t believe what I used for the strip of spooky ground fog — a torn dryer sheet, already used, of course!  I happened to be going back and forth between doing laundry and working on the card, when I saw the dryer sheet in with the clothes I was folding and thought it looked a bit spider-weby.  However, when I went to stretch it out, it was far too sturdy.  I was playing around with the torn strip, wondering if I could use it like a ribbon on the card, when I realized it made great fog.  How’s that for recycling?
All I needed to add to finish it off were the quilled ghosts and a large black bat flying in front of the moon.  I was going to add wiggle eyes to the ghosts, but they didn’t look right, so I added a pair peeking out of the upper window instead.
Sometimes all it takes are a few paper quills to make a simple card extra special.
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