Nov 16 2009

Snowflake Ornament Quilling Card

christmas-quilling-class-snowflake-cardsI want to thank all of the ladies who attended the Christmas quilling class at the Marietta Community School.  I hope you had a great time because I know I sure did!
Our class project was a Christmas card with a detachable snowflake ornament.  I am very proud of the snowflakes the students quilled.  This group photo of the students’ cards shows their talent and creativity.  The snowflakes are not glued to the front (which is why they may appear to be crooked), but swing loose which makes for a fun surprise when the recipient opens the card.
snowflake-card-holeWhen creating the card, I punched a 1/16″ hole in the card at the top of the circle background.  This allowed me to thread the snowflake’s hanging loop through to the inside where I secured it with a piece of tape.
snowflake-card-inside1Many of us are on a tight budget, but you don’t have to trim your gift giving list this year.  These cards are perfect when you need a little something this holiday season for co-workers, as a hostess gift, or for members of your book club.  You can whip up a batch quite inexpensively, but I guarantee they’ll be appreciated and make a lasting impression.    
Quilling Tip:  I used a printed paper that reminded me of a starry night as the background for my snowflake, but many combinations are possible.  A quilled wreath would be great attached to a card featuring a home’s front door.  A quilled snowman could grace a card showing children playing in the snow.  Or quill a stocking and attach it to a card that shows a fireplace with a roaring fire.
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4 Responses to “Snowflake Ornament Quilling Card”

  1. Lisaon 22 Nov 2009 at 6:25 am

    What great cards. Love the different looking snowflakes.
    Wonderful idea to give an ornament with the cards.

    Tips are always appreciated. Now to wait for my last 2 craftshows to make some.


  2. Melindaon 04 Dec 2009 at 4:08 pm

    I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for quilling ideas. Thank you for putting such thought and creativity into your writing. Your quilling is beautiful!

  3. Charlion 07 Dec 2009 at 2:53 am

    Your website is one of the best blogs online. In fact it’s so good we gave you a glowing review on our blog review page. Your ideas are always fresh and doable for any quiller. Thanks for all you give

  4. Rhondaon 07 Dec 2009 at 6:21 am

    Beautiful snowflakes…a perfect homemade gift

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