May 29 2009

Quilled Ladybug — Intermediate Quilling Pattern

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I went into a local scrapbooking store yesterday and found a darling magnetic mini frame.  It came in several colors and I started pondering the possibilities.  When I saw the red one, however, one word came to mind — ladybug — and I knew that I just had to have it.  I had originally thought that I would quill the ladybug, glue it to the center frame area, and seal it with an acrylic sealer since the quillwork would be exposed.  Upon further investigation, however, I discovered that the back pulled off and there was enough space inside for the quilling if I used the thin 1/16″ quilling paper.   
The pattern, as written, is really better suited for an intermediate quiller since it does call for 1/16″ wide paper which can be a bit tricky to work with.  However, if you aren’t comfortable working with the thin papers, by all means, please use 1/8″ quilling strips. 
half-circle-coilThe ladybug quilling pattern introduces a new coil called a “half circle.”  To make a half circle, roll a loose coil and pinch it into a teardrop.  Next, instead of pinching the coil again directly opposite from the first point (which forms a marquise), pinch the paper a second time closer to the first point.  You can vary the height of the half circle by placing the two pinched points closer or further apart.
You will need
Basic quilling tools (discussed earlier)
Quilling paper, 1/16″:  red, black, white
quilled-ladybugFree Quilling Pattern — Ladybug
(2) 22″ half circle coil, red (wings) 
(1) 6″, half circle coil, black (head)
(1) 10″, teardrop coil, black (body)
(1) 1″, V-scroll, black (antennae)
(6) 1/2″-1″ tight coil, white (spots)
Using the photo as a guide, glue three white tight coils randomly inside the first red half circle coil forming spots on the wing.  Repeat for the second wing.  Glue the two red half circles together at the top only.  Glue the black teardrop between the two red half circles to form the body.  Glue the 6″ black half circle coil to the top of the ladybug body for her head.  Attach the black V-scroll to the top of the 6″ half circle for the antennae.
This little ladybug would be so cute on a card or decorating a scrapbook page.  I framed mine.
quilled-ladybug-frameAdditional Materials for Framed Ladybug
(1) Magnetic Mini Frame from Bazzill Basics Paper (holds a 1-3/4″ x 1-3/8″ photo), red, or similar frame
(2) 6″ pieces of 3/8″ ribbon, black with white stitching
(2) 3/8″ black buttons
(1) 1/2″ white button
Small piece of red floss
Scrap card stock:  white, green
Small leaf stamp (See-D’s or similar)
Black ink (StazOn or similar)
Cut the white card stock 1/4″ larger than the opening.  Stamp the leaf onto the green card stock and cut out.  Glue the ladybug to the leaf and attach both to the white card stock.  Glue the white card stock to the back of the frame with the leaf and ladybug showing inside the opening.  Tie the two pieces of ribbon together to form a decorative knot.  Referring to the photo, wrap the ribbon around the bottom of the frame, centering the knot, and secure the ends in the back.  Clip the ribbon ends at the knot on the diagonal.  Tie the red floss through the white button; clip ends.  Glue the buttons onto the upper left-hand corner of the frame.
Sit back and admire your quilling.  Don’t forget to sign your artwork!
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  1. Rhondaon 16 Jun 2009 at 4:28 am

    What a cute little lady bug….I do enjoy seeing your beautiful work… Quilling now seems possible to try, with your easy to follow instructions.

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