Nov 30 2012

Great Hand Lotion After a Long Quilling Session

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It is so important to keep your hands clean while quilling.  The little bits and pieces of dried glue from your finger tips can make a beautiful piece of quill art look dirty and messy.  You will want to wash and dry your hands constantly as you quill.


I have discovered a wonderful hand lotion that’s perfect for restoring the moisture lost to all that hand washing.  It’s called Springtime Citrus Lotion from ORNAVE made by Etsy shop owner, Emily James (  Unlike heavily perfumed lotions, this one has a delightfully light scent.  While at her shop, be sure to check out her other organic bath and body aromatherapy products that are all natural and vegan.




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  1. Antonellaon 02 Dec 2012 at 4:46 am

    I know, I am constantly washing my hands too… and this time of the year is the worst… Thanks for the suggestion!
    Happy Quilling!
    antonella 🙂

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