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Aug 01 2010

Back to School Quilling

For those of you wanting to add quilling to your scrapbook pages, this sample layout featuring my handsome grandson, Jeffrey, makes the grade.  Made for an 8″x8″ album, the primary colors, quilled pencil, and A-B-C charms definitely give it an elementary school feel.
The quilled pencil is 6-3/4 inches long from eraser to tip.  4-inch strips of 1/8″ paper were used for the coils, but this pattern could easily be resized to work with your own layout.
Square coils made from a deep pink quilling paper create the eraser.  A strip of the same pink is wrapped around the square coils to give it a more solid appearance.  The pencil body is made from golden yellow marquise coils.  Strips of matching yellow paper are glued to both the top and bottom sides of the pencil to outline the pencil body.  Light beige marquise coils are used for the sharpened tip of the pencil while a black pinched heart is used for the lead.  A strip of shiny aluminum tape is adhered on the top and sides of the pencil between the pink eraser and pencil body.
To incorporate the quilled pencil into the page title, I printed “First Day of School” on some matching golden yellow card stock, cut it out, and glued it on top of the quilling.
I created my own A-B-C charms from 22 gauge wire, accenting each letter with quilled beads made from tight coils.
Apples, an old fashioned school house, a student desk, scissors, and crayons, are but a few of the many quilled embellishments you could create to dress up your back-to-school scrapbook pages.
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