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Oct 10 2011

Quilled Black Cat Halloween Card

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Folded paper rosettes are very popular right now.  They are available for purchase in most craft stores, or you can make your own using the many tutorials available on the web.  They are often embellished with some sort of button or charm in the center, but I thought it would be fun to add quilling instead.



My good friend Sharon has many of the paper crafting tools now available.  The other day I dropped by and she used a Tim Holz die to cut some rosette strips for me.  The die perforates the fold lines making it super easy to get perfect accordion folds.


I quilled a black cat, added green crystal eyes, and glued it to the center of my rosette.  I used it as the focal point of a Halloween card made from more decorative paper included in the Midnight Spell matstack I purchased last year.


These paper rosettes are a great way to add a touch of quilling to any paper project.

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Aug 12 2010

Fall 2010 Quilling Classes at Marietta Community School

I will once again be teaching quilling classes this fall through the Marietta Community School, the continuing education division of Marietta City Schools.  The classes will be taught at Marietta High School, Marietta, GA.
  • Quilling I — Beginner/Fall (Thursday, Sept 23, 6:00-8:30pm)
  • Quilling I — Beginner/Halloween (Tuesday, Oct 5, 6:00-8:30pm)
  • Quilling I — Beginner/Christmas (Tuesday, Oct 12, 6:00-8:30pm)
  • Quilling II — Christmas Cards (Thursday, Nov 4, 6:00-8:30pm, Prerequisite:  Any Quilling I Class)
In each Quilling I class I’ll talk briefly about the history of quilling and show samples of the various quilling papers, tools, and books available.  Next, I’ll teach the students how to make the basic coils and scrolls used most in quilling as they complete a shape chart to take home for reference.  We’ll make one project in class and the students will go home with a pack of multi-colored quilling paper, a slotted quilling tool, plenty of informational handouts, and enough materials to complete two more projects so they can keep quilling after the class.  Check out the class projects for the Halloween and Christmas classes. 
The Quilling II — Christmas Cards class is for students who already know the basic coils and scrolls, but want more practice.  We’ll work on three quilled Christmas cards (original designs different than those provided in the Quilling I — Beginner/Christmas class).
You can check out the MCS online course catalog for complete registration information.  If you live in the area, I would like to personally invite you to join me for a wonderful evening of quilling. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further information.  You may leave a comment on this post, or send an email to charlotte (at) theartofquilling (dot) com.
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